About Us

Madison Avenue Spy was started in May 2008, with the desire to publicize shopping information that otherwise couldn’t be found anywhere else on the web. When do private sales begin? When I can I get VIP pre-sale access? What sample sales are really worthwhile to attend?

In the nearly 10-years since it started, Madison Avenue Spy has quietly grown into a blockbuster force in luxury off-line and online sales. Readers the advice, fashion sense and our unwillingness to compromise superb customer service. Readers are provided with an expertise that comes from many years of experience and is executed in the craft of traditional journalism. Blog founder, ‘Lila Delilah,’ crafted her skill during her early career that was split among New York Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Smart Money and ABC News.

Lila Delilah resides with her husband and three daughters on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She lives just a few blocks away from where she grew up on Madison Avenue, which in her opinion, is just really a small town in a big city.